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As an employee, you can be faced with behavior from your employer that you just cannot understand.  Demotions, poor performance reviews, transfers, and terminations are a part of all workplace dynamics.  However, no employer is allowed to discriminate against you because of your race, age, gender, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.  Under state and local laws there is also protection against discrimation based on sexual orientation. 

Employment Discrimination

EEO (Equal Opportunity Employment) laws protect against illegal discrimination such as:

Failure to Hire or Promote because of the protected class; Wrongful Discharge from Employment;  Wrongful Disciplinary Action such as reprimand, suspension and demotion because of the employee’s protected class; Unequal/ Unfair Treatment because of the employee’s protected class as compared to coworkers, such as denied benefits, different schedules, denied training opportunities, denied salary increases or bonuses, etc.; Unfair Religious Treatment or refusal to make an accommodation for a religious practice;Failure to accommodate a qualified disability; Harassment such as sexual harassment, racial harassment, etc.; Creation of a Hostile Work Environment.

Horace Lee, MBA, JD, CHMM

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