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Safety Committee Chairperson Role and Responsibilities:
1.    Schedule monthly Safety Committee Meetings  
2.    Facilitate the meeting.
3.    Ensure minutes are recorded by the Safety Committee Recorder
4.    Prepare Meeting Agenda
5.    Track Safety Audit Items on Master Spreadsheet.
6.    Review safety inspection reports to help correct safety hazards. 
7·    Evaluate the accident investigations..   

Environmental, Health and Safety Services

1. Develops site criteria for evaluating hazards in terms of a risk assessment.

2. Supports EHS analysis of new processes and engineering  projects.

3. Evaluates site safety, environmental and occupational health programs.

4. Administers site process safety management program.

    * hazard and operability studies (HAZOP),

    *process hazard analysis (PHA),

    * safety documentation and development of site specific procedures.

5. Maintains safety records in compliance with governmental regulations.

6. Updates and maintains safety procedures and safety communications.

7. Ensures accident/illness investigations are conducted and findings reviewed and documented.

8. Develops and coordinates programs to reduce injuries and provide training to employees.

9. Coordinates site required self-inspections for safety and environmental compliance.

10. Updates site environmental procedures manual, safety manual, emergency response .

11. Participates in site safety committee and collaborate with site regarding policy matters.

12. Participates in and initiate annual self-assessment program.

13.  Offers legal advice for all site EHS regulatory compliance matters.